The White Supremacist Threat to America

July 31, 2019 Updated May 11, 2023 White Papers

Why we produced this paper

Violent acts of bigotry have rapidly increased in the last four years; along with LGBTQ, Sikh, African-American and Jewish communities, American Muslims have been among the most impacted. Most of these incidences rooted in anti-semitism, islamophobia, and with aims to infringe upon various communities’ civil rights and liberties have been linked, nationally and globally, to White Supremacy. Understanding the history and nuances of this movement is essential as we work to combat it on a national, local and community level. Inaction to this will lead to autocratic ideals permeating policies and public perceptions, as it has done so in the past. We created this paper, to inform our policy-makers, law enforcement, and community leaders so that we can be proactive in finding a solution.

Key findings

  • White supremacist terrorism has long been coordinated on a global scale. In the present day, it has inroads with far-right politicians, as well as far-right thinkers and members of the media.
  • Anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim bigotry factor prominently into this movement’s narratives in ways which have recently manifested in violent attacks. 
  • The media understates the problem, resulting in a less informed citizenry ill-equipped to challenge policy where necessary.
  • The Justice Department can begin to take steps to institutionalize understandings of white supremacist terrorism as anti-government or international where applicable. Doing so would unlock investigatorial and prosecutorial authorities limited by its current understandings. 
  • Greater oversight into the Justice Department’s counter-terrorism operations can hold the government accountable for proportionately enforcing existing laws, and in doing so, promote social equity.

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