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About the Project

Through the Diane Mott Trust, MPAC’s Mustard Seed Project brings American Muslims and Evangelical Christians together to address misconceptions and stereotypes. To honor Diane Mott’s memory and her determination to act, we started the Mustard Seed project to bring American Muslims and Evangelical Christians in predominantly Red States to the same table to talk, get to know each other, share a meal, and ask uncomfortable questions. Stereotypes and misrepresentations exist on both sides of the spectrum. These peace building workshops help disrupt the status quo by challenging the inaccurate tropes that tend to reinforce a monolithic, intolerant, and harmful representation of Muslims and Evangelical Christians. In today’s age of extreme polarization, efforts like these are more crucial than ever.

Read the firsthand experiences of those who have already participated here: Bridging across Polarization: Muslims and Evangelical Christians Planting the Mustard Seed for America. We interviewed eleven attendees, some Muslim and some Christian. They shared with us their stories about what brought them to the Mustard Seed, what they learned from participating, and how they felt sitting at a table with strangers of another misrepresented faith. The stories we collected are a testimony of the immense possibilities that God’s work opens for us when we engage to change the world, one act of compassion at a time.

Mustard Seed Events

We’ve held events in cities across the country spanning the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas. Are you interested in bringing dialogue to your community? Reach out today.

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“The Healer” Screening at Rockharbor Church

June 2023 | Costa Mesa, CA

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Mustard Seed Project Event at Masjid al Hayy

June 2023 | Orlando, FL

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“The Healer” Screening at Central Christian Church

February 2023 | Glendale, AZ

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“The Healer” Screening at Flatland Film Festival

September 2022 | Lubbock, TX

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Mustard Seed Project w/ One America at Crossroads Church

June 2022 | Cincinnati, OH

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Mustard Seed Project w/ One America at Willow Creek Church

March 2022 | Chicago, IL

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Mosque Visit at United Islamic Center of Arizona

November 2021 | Phoenix, AZ

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Mustard Seed Project w/ One America at MECCA Center

October 2021 | Chicago, IL

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Mustard Seed Project w/ One America at Rockharbor Church

May 2021 | Costa Mesa, CA

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Mustard Seed Project w/ One America at Central Christian Church

May 2021 | Glendale, Arizona

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MPAC, through the Mustard Seed Project and beyond, works to foster a positive understanding of Islam and Muslims, while also addressing issues related to civil rights, religious freedom, political engagement, and media representation. The organization engages in policy analysis, media outreach, grassroots organizing, and interfaith initiatives to promote a more inclusive and informed society.

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