The Healer


View the world of a remarkable Muslim doctor building bridges in the heart of the evangelical community of Texas. This documentary features the important contributions of Muslim healthcare workers, through the story of Dr. Ebtesam Islam, a Muslim doctor who works in the community of Lubbock, Texas, the same community she was raised in.

“The Healer” was produced by MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau through the Mustard Seed Project.

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“The Healer” was produced by the MPAC Hollywood Bureau through the Mustard Seed Project. You can watch “The Healer” above. You can also attend a screening at MPAC’s Mustard Seed events. If you would like to organize a showing, please reach out.

“The Healer” Screening at Central Christian Church

February 2023 | Glendale, AZ

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“The Healer” Screening at Flatland Film Festival

September 2022 | Lubbock, TX

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“The Healer” Screening at Rockharbor Church

June 2023 | Costa Mesa, CA

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Mustard Seed Project Event at Masjid al Hayy

June 2023 | Orlando, FL

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