• U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights opens investigation into UCLA following MPAC complaint

    The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights initiated an official investigation into UCLA following a complaint from MPAC regarding the unprecedented attack on the pro-Palestinian student encampment by pro-Zionist instigators. The apparent dereliction of responsibility by UCLA resulted in the failure to protect the physical safety and rights of peaceful student protestors raising awareness about the humanitarian crisis and ongoing genocide in Gaza.

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  • UCLA is Complicit: Al-Talib and MPAC Joint Condemnation of Zionist Encampment Violence

    Last night, a group of pro-Israeli agitators arrived on UCLA campus and violently attacked student protestors. The assailants used pepper spray, tear gas, bear mace, bludgeons, and more to afflict severe injuries. Al-Talib Newsmagazine and the Muslim Public Affairs Council jointly condemn the violence that occurred at the hands of Zionist demonstrators and the neglect of UCLA officials to protect students and their constitutional right to free assembly.

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  • MPAC condemns calls for the National Guard to be deployed against student protestors

    The Muslim Public Affairs Council calls on the people of conscience, including faculty and leaders, to oppose threats to deploy the National Guard on the Gaza Solidarity Encampment at Columbia University, whose aim is to push back against the university’s continued financial investment in corporations that profit from Israeli apartheid, genocide, and occupation in Palestine.

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  • We Need Your Help

    Do your part in supporting an end to the siege and protecting Palestinian human rights.

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