Human Security Now

The Campaign for Human Security

Muslim Public Affairs Council is proud to present Human Security, “The People’s Policy”, for the City of Los Angeles. A national campaign that centers security for the people as the lynchpin of all policymaking our Human Security. In design, Angelinos can feel someone is making decisions that acknowledge their existence and it also will help the faith-based community leader, all Civic and Civil departments tap into the collective power and will of our residents their special interests.

The Human Security campaign based on the four freedoms outlined first by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of expression, and freedom of worship.  

“Every U.S. Citizen henceforth shall be guaranteed human security and dignity through the following key principles:

  1. Freedom from fear:  All Angelinos shall have the right to go about their lives in peace, tranquility, comfort, and security with and amongst themselves. Everyone has the right to live their lives and seek livelihood without being bothered or hitherto harassed unjustly or without cause. Everyone shall be free from worrying about oppressive and militaristic style responses to conflict in the City of Los Angeles, be able to live their lives free from fearing unconstitutional policing, free from being singled out because of double standards, and free from fearing the other.
  2. Freedom from want:  Every Angelino shall have the right to be able to access services to fulfill their basic needs and carry out a dignified human existence, which include access to appropriate housing, healthcare, education, and a means to seek a living, which is a right of all human beings. Societies are judged by the rule of law, not the rule of the powerful, and equity in housing, healthcare, and education are the standards set by our founding charters of America.
  3. Freedom of expression:  All Angelinos have the right to speak and express their opinions without fear of retribution. Everyone shall have the right to speak their minds, and shall be able to discuss openly and constructively any and all issues of importance to them without being shut out or silenced. At the same time, it is the City’s responsibility to respond when speech is used for destructive purposes, and to use our collective voice to correct injustices, to avoid canceling each other out, and to identify and produce good from bad situations.
  4. Freedom of worship:  All religions belong to the City of Los Angeles and our city does not belong to any one religion. The City is home to all religions and belief systems, and all have a place to worship and conduct their activities without impediment, beligeration, and excursion. No individual or group shall be denied or denigrated for their own beliefs and for living the values they hold sacred, and no religion shall have to endure scapegoating or disinformation. To the contrary, faith communities provide answers to our ever growing social problems and, as such, the City of Los Angeles, shall partner with the various faith communities to enhance human dignity and serve the needs of all its residents without any form of discrimination.

We need Human Security NOW. Learn more and read our white paper on the Human Security Now site.

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