Candid Conversations with Presidential Candidate, Congressman Dean Phillips

January 20, 2024 Updated January 19, 2024 News & Updates

Are you interested in hearing where the Presidential candidates stand on the issues that impact you? Check out the latest conversation in our series with Presidential candidate Congressman Dean Phillips, representing Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. In our conversation, we addressed the atrocities in Gaza and underscored the necessity for the U.S. to transition from a national security paradigm to a dedicated focus on human security. We also explored the imperative to address the absence of freedom, security, and prosperity as crucial measures to ensure the safety of vulnerable communities and safeguard our democracy.

As the 2024 election year ramps up, we must remind our communities of the profound influence that their votes hold. Together, we can equip individuals with the knowledge necessary to make informed choices this election cycle. Stay tuned for the next discussion in this series!

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P.S. This video is for educational purposes only and not an endorsement. We will issue each recording as they are completed.

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