Statement: MPAC Welcomes the Creation of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention

September 22, 2023 Statements

Washington, D.C. | | September 22, 2023 —  MPAC commends the Biden Administration’s commitment to addressing the issue of gun violence and safeguarding our communities with the establishment of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

This office will be overseen by Vice President Kamala Harris in coalition with gun safety advocates, implementing existing laws, and working with local authorities to pass gun safety legislation. It will also work to address the root causes of gun violence, such as poverty and mental illness.

Access to weapons fuel domestic terror attacks across the nation, as the availability of military-grade firearms significantly amplifies the capacity of violent extremists to cause mass harm, especially towards children and marginalized communities. 

“From violent hate crimes to mass shootings, gun violence is an epidemic that affects all Americans. This initiative is essential in efforts to protect our houses of worship, schools, and communities.” – Salam Al-Marayati, President of the Muslim Public Affairs Council 

In the past decade, there have been 31,401 deaths due to gun violence. Congress finds that white supremacists and other far-right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States. Notably, some of the most fatal mass shootings have been perpetrated by violent extremists with racist motivations. 

MPAC is committed to supporting the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention in developing policies and initiatives that prioritize human security, and the safety and well-being of all Americans.

You can build a future free from fear and bigotry.

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