MPAC Co-Founder, Abdelhamid Youness, Leaves a Lasting Legacy

August 21, 2023 Statements

Los Angeles, CA | | August 21, 2023 — To God we belong, and to Him we shall return. It is with a heavy heart that MPAC announces the passing of our cofounder, Abdelhamid Youness. 

Abdelhamid Youness, a visionary leader and tireless advocate, passed away peacefully on Sunday, August 20, 2023. His departure leaves a void in our hearts, but his unwavering spirit and commitment to creating a more inclusive environment for Muslims in America will always be remembered. Mr. Youness was a driving force behind the establishment of MPAC more than 35 years ago. His steadfast dedication in establishing a presence in civic spaces for Muslims in America earned him respect and admiration from all who knew him. He and his wife, the late Dr. Ehsan Youness, may God rest her soul, opened their hearts and homes to host events for MPAC, and engage stakeholders on behalf of our community. 

Mr. Youness was an inspiration to us all, and his legacy – including MPAC – will live on for generations to come,” said Salam Al-Marayati, MPAC President.His vision and leadership have shaped MPAC into the organization it is today, and we are committed to carrying forward his mission of fostering a more inclusive and equitable society, and making Islam a positive and integral element in American pluralism.

Under Youness’ guidance, MPAC remains at the forefront of advocating for the rights of American Muslims, promoting religious freedom, and combating Islamophobia. His strategic vision and ability to bring diverse communities together is instrumental in fostering dialogue and understanding between Muslims and people of other faiths.

As we mourn the loss of a remarkable leader, we also celebrate the extraordinary life and legacy of Abdelhamid Youness. His dedication to justice, compassion, and equality will continue to guide MPAC’s work as we strive to create a society that values diversity, human rights, and upholds the principles of justice for all.

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