MPAC Calls on US Government to Assess Israel’s Impact on National Security

April 16, 2024 Statements

Washington, D.C. | | April 16, 2024 — The recent escalation of hostilities between Israel and Iran in the Middle East poses a serious threat to regional stability and our U.S. national security.

On April 1st, Israel attacked the Iranian consulate in Syria, violating international law and resulting in the deaths of senior Iranian military officers. The strike on Iranian sovereign territory marked a dangerous escalation in ongoing tensions. In response, Iran launched an unprecedented attack on multiple Israeli military installations.

The situation is precariously close to a full-blown conflict, with tensions running high both in the Middle East and at home in America.

As we confront this crisis, it is important to examine the contributing factors to this situation, particularly the US’s inadequate response to Israel’s gruesome human rights violations. The Administration’s response has been confined to words rather than a meaningful change in policy signaling to Israeli leadership that they can continue their defiance of US law prohibiting the use of American-made weapons on civilian populations. However, continuing to blindly support Israel without holding them accountable jeopardizes the safety of Americans both at home and abroad.

In effect, the US government’s inaction is tantamount to approval if not sponsorship of Israel’s atrocities.
Moving forward, the Administration must recalibrate its approach and recommit to the principles that underpin U.S. foreign policy. This entails prioritizing diplomacy over saber-rattling, engagement over isolation, and cooperation over confrontation. The administration can only help steer the region away from the brink of disaster by taking bold leadership toward peace-making instead of appeasing Israel.

We call on the US government to begin with a sincere reassessment of the US-Israel bilateral relationship and a determination of whether Israel truly represents American values or has become a burden that the United States can no longer bear. We delineate the following:

  1. Instigating Regional Conflicts: Israel’s flaunting of US and international law have contributed to heightened tensions in the region, leading to instability that directly impacts US interests and personnel stationed in the Middle East. It has also isolated the United States from the rest of the world, leading to historic highs for anti-American sentiment.
  2. Violation of Geneva Convention: The list of violations of international law and lack of adherence to basic human rights has undermined US credibility, moving countries closer to rival superpowers.
  3. Pushing Towards Conflict: Israel’s aggressive military campaigns and threats against Arab and Muslim-majority countries have escalated tensions and increased the risk of a wider conflict. The US is on the brink of a world war against 1.5 billion people in Muslim-majority countries.
  4. Strategic Liability and Financial Accountability: America’s substantial contributions to Israel’s military capabilities and economic subsidies have not been reciprocated with actions that align with U.S. national interests. Israel, despite being the largest recipient of military and financial aid from the US, has frequently acted in ways that run counter to American interests and partnerships in the region. This has transformed Israel into a strategic liability for the U.S.
  5. Shielding from Accountability: The US government’s unwavering support for Israel has shielded it from accountability in international forums such as the United Nations and the International Court of Justice, damaging America’s credibility and reputation in the international community as a leader of justice and human rights.
  6. Undermining Democracy and Civil Rights: Blind support for Israel’s policies has led to the suppression of dissenting voices within the US, including arrests of students and citizens who resist the Biden Administration’s backing of Israeli violations of international law.
  7. Religious Ideology vs. Democratic Ideals: The US government’s alignment with Israel’s policies based on a weaponized interpretation of biblical scripture undermines the principles of separation of church and state, democratic values, and America’s role as a champion of human rights.
    The US government must reassess its policies in the Middle East and prioritize its national security as it will lead to increased hostility and anti-American sentiments in the region. Failure to do so risks further erosion of America’s credibility, reputation, and influence on the global stage, as the situation in the Middle East is perceived as heavily biased and America untrustworthy in the eyes of other nations.

Our government needs to call on the Israeli government to agree to a permanent and immediate ceasefire, ensuring humanitarian aid is delivered to innocent Palestinian civilians wounded and displaced by Israel’s ongoing military assaults. Israel has been the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid since its founding, receiving about $300 billion in total economic and military assistance. The Biden administration must halt all aid and military assistance to Israel which enables them to continue the war on Gaza. The United States must publicly acknowledge and condemn the Israeli government for committing acts of genocide against the Palestinian people despite the International Court of Justice’s binding order requiring Israel to prevent genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and prevent and punish incitement to commit genocide.

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