A New Dark Hour for Leaders of the Free World

February 16, 2024 Statements

Today we witness our darkest hour yet as leaders of the free world.

For the past 130 days, the people of Palestine have faced relentless assaults since Israel invaded Gaza. Despite a resounding call from concerned Americans like us for a ceasefire, our leadership persists in unwavering support for Israel’s aggression against the Palestinian people.

Just this past Sunday, during the distraction of the Super Bowl, Israel initiated a devastating air offensive on Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip previously designated as a “safe zone” for evacuation. Despite global pleas to halt these attacks, the inevitability of destruction loomed.

Regrettably, over 1.3 million Palestinians are now trapped in Rafah, forcibly evacuated from other areas of Gaza. They find themselves with no refuge as Israeli airstrikes target innocent civilians, claiming over a hundred lives and leaving homes, buildings, and mosques in ruins.

The situation is dire, and Israel’s disregard for international law, as evidenced by the recent ruling from the International Court of Justice to end acts of genocide, is deeply troubling. Humanitarian aid to Gaza has been halted, worsening the suffering of its residents.

Even as President Biden privately expresses frustration over Netanyahu’s offensive, we’ve yet to witness substantial policy changes. Instead, our taxpayer dollars continue to fund destruction, providing diplomatic cover to Israel’s far-right government.

It is evident that we stand at a critical juncture. The United States must either uphold its commitment to human rights and the preservation of life for the Palestinian people, or we risk losing faith in our leadership’s capacity to act as a force for good in the world.

Take two minutes to contact your elected officials and demand they uphold their commitment to human rights by supporting a permanent ceasefire.

Our leaders who refuse to turn their eyes towards Gaza must be made aware of the consequences of their open support for Israel. Let us collectively raise our voices and demand accountability.

You can build a future free from fear and bigotry.

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