Statement: Not In Our Name- The Taliban and Women’s Education

Muslim Representation
religious police
women's rights
On January 4, 2023 By MPAC
In August 2021, American troops withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban took over control of the country. Despite their initial claims to the contrary, their rule has been a complete reversion to fundamentalism. Most recently, this manifested in a declaration prohibiting girls and women from access to education. Sadly, this…
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One Year Later: Providing Support for Afghans and Afghanistan

afghan refugees
foreign policy
human rights
On August 19, 2022 By MPAC
MPAC held a roundtable discussion, One Year Later: Providing Support for Afghans and Afghanistan, reflecting on the anniversary of the US withdrawal and support of Afghans and Afghanistan. The panel featured Haris Tarin, Senior Policy Advisor at the Department of Homeland Security, Farid Senzai, Founder & President of Afghan Relief, Asma Mohammadi, Juris Doctor Candidate at American University and an MPAC Youth Leadership Institute Fellow. The discussion included remarks by Masuda Sultan, co-founder of Afghan Women Forward, a project of Afghan Relief. ---------- Subscribe to MPAC's channel: Like MPAC on Facebook: Follow MPAC on Twitter: Follow MPAC on Instagram: Visit MPAC's website: About the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) We improve public understanding and policies that impact American Muslims by engaging our government, media, and communities. Help us to continue this work by making a donation today:
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