Youth Leadership Institute

Over the past 8 years, through our flagship, Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP), we have actively recruited, nurtured, and developed brilliant young minds who have grown and achieved important milestones for our community. Through this program we work to foster pride in government service and to create a pipeline for young American Muslims to careers on the Hill, in Federal agencies, and at firms, think tanks, and other organizations that work on issues affecting American Muslims. This ten-week program is focused on ensuring our fellows get the complete D.C. experience, one which includes serving as an intern in a congressional office, access to exclusive seminars with senior congressional staffers and policy leaders, as well as extensive career preparation, resume-building workshops, and a professional photoshoot for LinkedIn headshots. Hill Internships have often been a privilege that is only affordable by some, so we are proud to offer the program at zero cost to fellows and provide free housing which is metro accessible, and close to Capitol Hill, as well as a stipend to cover any extra expenses that the fellow may incur during the summer months. 

Through our expanded Youth Leadership Institute, in the summer following the CLDP fellowship, we encourage the fellows to return and continue their experience in hopes that they are able to harness their passion for public service and community engagement by leveraging MPAC’s network in Washington D.C. 

Upon completion of the Youth Leadership Institute program, they will be primed to begin their post-college career as fully equipped young professionals ready to advance on Capitol Hill or with a role in the Executive Branch. 

CLDP (flagship)

Our Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP), MPAC’s flagship youth development program is a leadership pipeline that gives underserved students opportunities to work in Congress. With 10 weeks of immersive and hands-on experience, coaching, and training on Capitol Hill, our Congressional Leadership Development Program empowers underserved youth to navigate public service, policy, and politics directly in the halls of power. 

By covering costs for housing and essential needs to live and work in DC, we level the playing field for opportunities that have traditionally been available to a select few. The program features mentorship, support, an interactive curriculum, as well as skills-training to accelerate careers for our next generation of leaders.

Visit the CLDP website to learn more or apply.

Internships & Fellowships

Public Policy Fellows

MPAC’s Public Policy fellowship teaches enhanced advocacy skills, mechanisms, and provides hands-on experiential learning in the field. Fellows engage in direct advocacy on policy and gain valuable insights and experience designed to fortify their employment opportunities in government.

Public Service Fellows

The YLI Public Service Fellowship expands opportunities beyond the hill to applicants that seek to further enhance their credentials in Public service through a 9 week internship in a Government agency or Department. Like CLDP, the fellowship is offered at zero cost to the fellow and provides housing and stipend.

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