Black Muslim Narratives in Entertainment | MPAC Hollywood Bureau

The MPAC Hollywood Bureau partnered with the Writers Guild Foundation and MuslimARC for a discussion that challenges the damaging tropes seen on screen by highlighting more authentic depictions of Black Muslim identities created by talented Black Muslim screenwriters.

Watch the Q&A after this panel:


0:00 — Sue Obeidi introduction

3:44 — How did you you enter entertainment and what have you done to lift up the black Muslim narrative?

23:26 — Why are stories that don’t represent the demographics of Africa and African Muslims shared in the industry? Why is it that there is a challenge in the industry of telling Black Muslims’ stories that represent the diversity of Black Muslim cultures?

34:53 — Certain black Muslims in the industry are celebrated due to name recognition. How were you received in the Muslim community without having the name recognition? Are you being celebrated? What are the challenges?

39:01 — For those who are interested in writing and want to write diverse characters, what are some of the challenges for both non-black Muslims and also non-Muslim African-Americans in developing authentic roles?

48:47 — How can we help creatives and executives expand their concept of Muslim narratives in a way that expands the space for those narratives to breathe?

59:26 — Can you speak on some emerging things that are happening in entertainment that are helping get Muslim narratives talked about?



Aminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabaar – Writer and Director (Muslimah’s Guide to Marriage)

Qasim Basir – Writer and Director (A Boy. A Girl. A Dream., Destined, Mooz-Lum)

Nijla Mu’min – Writer and Director (Jinn, Dream, Deluge)

Travina Springer – Actress & Comedienne (The Mule, Strange Angel, Comic View, Travel Ban)

Moderated by Margari Hill, co-founder and Executive Director of MuslimARC.

Opening remarks by Sue Obeidi, Director of MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau.


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