Fast FWD: The Innovators Shaping Our Future – MPAC 2013 Convention

Part of MPAC’s Convention, “Celebrating 25 Years on the Road Less Traveled,” the “Fast FWD” session brought together some of the most promising social innovators, from Nadeem Mazen who successfully ran for public office to Khadija Abdullah who has made it a lifelong quest to educate Muslims about HIV and AIDS to Nadia Roumani who is working to reinvent Muslim philanthropy to Samia Al-Moslimany who is part of the campaign for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia to Def Jam Poet Amir Sulaiman who talked about love as a driving force in art and self-expression.

We highlighted American Muslims who are taking the road less traveled, sparking discussion and finding innovative solutions for our community and the nation at large.

You can build a future free from fear and bigotry.

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