A Conversation with Muslims in France

Join us for a conversation moderated by MPAC President Salam Al-Marayati about France and the Muslim community with introductory remarks by Muddassar Ahmed, President of the Concordia Forum and panelists Dr. Ghaleb Bencheikh, Dr, Myriam Francois, Dr. Melyssa Haffaf and Yasser Louati.

Dr. Ghaleb Bencheikh is the President of the Foundation of Islam in France and the former president of the Great Mosque of Paris. He hosts the TV show “Islam” which is related to philosophical training and theology. Ghaleb Bencheikh chairs the World Conference of Religions for Peace, which leads to many interventions in France and abroad.

Dr. Myriam Francois is a TV presenter, producer and writer with a focus on current affairs, Islam and France. Her documentaries have appeared on Channel 4 and BBC One, among others. Myriam developed, produced and presented a monthly Arts and Culture documentary series called Compass for TRT World, a global news network on Sky 519. She was Europe Correspondent for TRT World, covering French politics, the migrant issue and Brexit. She is also a seasoned reporter, having reported for BBC World Service, BBC London News, Al Jazeera English and TRT World.

Dr. Melyssa Haffaf is responsible for envisioning, designing, coordinating and implementing the mission and programs of G+JI. She possesses over a decade of experience in higher education, and previously was the Director of Undergraduate Studies and an Academic Advisor for the Modern Languages & Literatures Department at the University of Miami. Her research interests include: North Africa and Middle East regions, gender, queer and feminist theory, postcolonial literatures, violence and terrorism, migration and transnational studies, and Islamic studies.

Yasser Louati is a French human rights and civil liberties activist. His work focuses on Islamophobia, national security policies and social justice for minorities.


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