Catch MPAC Live Today At the Historic #UnitedWeStand White House Summit

September 15, 2022 Updated September 18, 2022 News & Updates

Washington, D.C. | | September 15, 2022 — Last month, we proudly welcomed the Biden Administration’s announcement of the #UnitedWeStand Summit against hate-fueled violence, and today we are honored to participate in this historic summit taking place at the White House.

You can catch us at the Summit live here, which will begin at 10am EST through 5pm EDT.

At this Summit, we will work with the Biden Administration, and other faith-based and civil society organizations to develop the tools needed for our government to adequately address racism and bigotry that’s dividing our nation.

The #UnitedWeStand Summit is just the start, and we will continue engaging the Biden Administration over the coming months to ensure that America is safe for all, regardless of religion or race. Our unity through our different walks of life is what makes America strong and unique, and we look forward to standing together with all Americans against hate-fueled violence.

We are proud that Rais Buhyianour 2014 Convention keynote speaker will be speaking at the #UnitedWeStand Summit, where he will share his story with the nation. We are also proud to announce that Dr. LaVonne Ansari of Buffalo, NY, Imam Osama Salah Hassan from Victoria, TX, and Suzanne Barakat, whose brother and sisters-in-law were murdered in the 2015 Chapel Hill, NC shooting due to anti-Muslim bigotry, will also be sharing their stories of how they brought unity to their community through the calamities that they faced.

The #UnitedWeStand Summit is being held on the nation’s stage, but the actions and outcomes of this summit will all be community based. We look forward to sharing these outcomes with our American Muslim communities around the nation, so we can all work for a safer country, together, as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our neighbors and fellow Americans.

You can build a future free from fear and bigotry.

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