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July 21, 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a member?
Members are MPAC's organizational base residing in cities across the United States. They are Muslims who are concerned about the future of Islam in America. Members active with the organization may become senior voting members and / or form a local MPAC chapter. Contact our Los Angeles office if you are interested for more details.

Why become a member?
MPAC strives to establish a Muslim American identity to positively represent Islam and Muslims. By joining MPAC, you will be informed about issues pertaining to Muslims in America and around the world. In addition, through activities and events arranged by MPAC, members will get to know and work with other members and activists in your area and around the nation.

What is the cost of membership?
The annual membership fee is $20 per individual and $45 per family.

Do MPAC members receive benefits?
YES. As a member, you will receive:

  • Action alerts 
  • Discounts on events 
  • Newsletters 

What is the role of members?
Members organize, promote and attend local events and programs, assist with MPAC fundraising efforts, and work with MPAC to identify and address the needs of local Muslims.



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