Sarah Traverso from Coca-Cola – 2017 MPAC Media Awards

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Sarah Traverso
On May 11, 2017 By MPAC
MPAC honored the Coca-Cola company for its "America the Beautiful" Super Bowl commercial. Watch the commercial here. "We wanted this commercial to feel very all-American. But what does that mean, exactly, to be all-American? It's really quite simple. It's you, it's me, it's our families, our friends, it's the wonderful faces that you see on the sidewalk every day. And these are the faces that needed to be in our Super Bowl commercial. I am proud to say that we felt it imperative that the Muslim community be represented in all of its glory." - Sarah Traverso, Head of Production and Agency Operations, the Coca-Cola Company ---------- Watch all videos from the 2017 MPAC Media Awards playlist. Presented by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) Hollywood Bureau. Subscribe to MPAC's channel Visit MPAC's website Like MPAC on Facebook Follow MPAC on Twitter Follow MPAC on Instagram ---------- The MPAC Hollywood Bureau serves as a bridge between the Muslim community and the entertainment industry. Our goal is to increase the number of authentic and humanizing stories of Muslims and Islam on film and TV by engaging the industry and developing relationships with studio executives, screenwriters, and filmmakers. We also work to nurture creative talent and connect American Muslims with industry professionals.
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