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Q&A session: Black Muslim Narratives in Entertainment | MPAC Hollywood Bureau

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On September 18, 2019 By MPAC
The MPAC Hollywood Bureau partnered with the Writers Guild Foundation and MuslimARC for a discussion that challenges the damaging tropes seen on screen by highlighting more authentic depictions of Black Muslim identities created by talented Black Muslim screenwriters. Watch the full panel: SKIP AHEAD IN THIS VIDEO 0:10 -- How do you address when you get blowback about sharia law and other questions that don’t even relate to the story you are trying to tell? 2:26 -- Black Muslim love is not translated onto the small screen which will not end up making it to the big screen. Is there anything in the pipeline with a story about black Muslim love? 8:08 -- How do you raise funds for your work? 10:48 -- What are the challenges that you face dealing with the white executives that don’t understand the nuances of black Muslim culture as you create content? 13:57 -- Have you felt like the community criticizes your work? How are you dealing with the support or criticism of the community when trying to create authentic stories? 19:52 -- What are your takeaways from this conversation? Are you working on any projects that we can support? ---------- Subscribe to MPAC's YouTube channel: Like MPAC on Facebook: Follow MPAC on Twitter: Follow MPAC on Instagram: Visit MPAC's website: About the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) We improve public understanding and policies that impact American Muslims by engaging our government, media, and communities. Help us to continue this work by making a donation today:
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