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  • Tarin Speaks at MPAC-WNY Annual Meeting

    February 21, 2013
    On Jan. 26, MPAC’s Western New York chapter held its annual meeting on “Our Civil Rights and Civil Liberties." MPAC-WNY and its annual meeting have become staples of the active American Muslim community in Buffalo.

  • Al-Marayati Attends Obama’s Immigration Speech

    January 29, 2013
    On Tuesday, Jan. 29, MPAC announced on the heels of MPAC President Salam Al-Marayati’s attendance of President Barack Obama’s speech on comprehensive immigration reform in Las Vegas, it will be launching a national campaign on immigration reform in coming weeks. SEE: President Ob

  • Now is the Time: Curbing Gun Violence

    January 18, 2013
    Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, one month ago, at least 926 Americans have been killed by gun violence. Each day more and more people are dying; and finally, this week, President Barack Obama’s administration rolled out a comprehensive approach to reducing gun violence. Aptly titled “Now is the Time” Vice President Joe Biden and the President worked to find an all-encompassing approach to deal with gun violence in America.

  • In Defense of Fairness

    January 11, 2013
    Hagel's confirmation would signify President Obama’s commitment to having a politically diverse cabinet, and would make Hagel the first decorated veteran to head the Pentagon. Political opponents have started a vicious attack campaign against Hagel. The truth is, regardless of his resume and pedigree, he should undergo a vigorous public confirmation hearing and process conducted by Congress to determine if he should be granted the position.

  • MPAC & Interfaith Leaders Say 'No' to Gun Violence

    January 3, 2013
    In mid-December, MPAC joined its interfaith allies to remember the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and to denounce gun violence. More than 100 people gathered for the vigil with interfaith leaders offering prayers, two women sharing moving testimonies about losing loved ones to gun violence and everyone standing together in a moment of silence.

  • Al-Assad Regime Needs to Be Removed so Syria Can Be Rebuilt

    November 21, 2012
    As news continues to pour out over the current conflict between Hamas and Israel, we cannot forget the ongoing crisis in Syria. To date, the total death toll of Syrians is almost at 40,000. The Syrian revolution has been ongoing since March 2011, but after the formation of a coalition of Syrian opposition groups in Doha on Nov. 11 known as the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (NCSROF), MPAC views this development with hope for the future of Syria.

  • Politics Aside: Where is the Humanity for the Gaza Strip?

    November 15, 2012
    For the past 48 hours, the Israeli army has escalated air and ground attacks against the Gaza Strip, killing Palestinian men, women and children. Israel is claiming these attacks are about going after militants, but in reality it’s about assassination of Palestinian leaders, destruction of Gazan infrastructure and the gross killings of Palestinian civilians, including women and children.

  • The False Choice of Drones

    October 12, 2012
    There is no question that there are elements of the Taliban both in Afghanistan and Pakistan who are brutal extremists whose vision of the world and distortion of Islam must be marginalized. Yet the question remains whether it is our job to do that fighting or must we help facilitate the environment for the Afghans and Pakistanis to deal with this threat militarily, politically and socially.

  • MPAC & MAHSC Commend Int’l Police Assoc. Pledge to Remove Bias from Training

    October 10, 2012
    Today, MPAC and the Muslim American Homeland Security Congress (MAHSC) commended the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) for adopting a powerful resolution at its 119th Annual Conference in San Diego last

  • Drowning the Voices of the Extremes

    September 28, 2012
    As our distinguished leader, President Barack Obama took to the lectern to speak about challenges facing the world at the U.N. General Assembly’s 67th session in New York, the rabble-rouser Pamela Gellar took to the NYC subway system to display her hate. The events of the past few weeks have proven to be one of the most enlightening times highlighting two harsh extremes: words vs. action.

  • MPAC Releases Videos from Leaders Saying No to Hate, No to Violence

    September 24, 2012
    MPAC today released a series of videos by some of the most well-recognized and prominent American Muslim scholars and leaders calling on all people of consciousness to bring an end to senseless violence in the massive demonstrations that have swept across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

  • Hate Crimes Should not be a Partisan Issue

    September 21, 2012
    On Sept. 20, MPAC attended the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee’s important and timely hearing on “Hate Crimes and the Threat of Domestic Terrorism.” Addressing growing concerns that hate groups are on the rise and that attacks could happen anywhere, Durbin highlighted that this is the first hearing in recent years focused on the threat of violent domestic extremists.

  • Senate to Hold Groundbreaking Hearing Today on Hate Crimes & Domestic Terrorism

    September 19, 2012
    Today, MPAC will attend the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on “Hate Crimes and the Threat of Domestic Terrorism.” Following the hearing, a number of faith leaders, advocates and community members will host a brief press conference outside the Senate Hart Office Building to outline the next steps neede. Along with Durbin, the press conference will include Haris Tarin, Director of MPAC’s Washington, DC, office,

  • Coptic Christian & Muslim Leaders to Hold Joint Press Conference Monday in LA

    September 17, 2012
    The Coptic Orthodox Church is the largest church in the Middle East, with approximately 12 million faithful in Egypt. The Coptic Orthodox Christian Diocese of Los Angeles is led by His Grace Bishop Serapion, who serves under the blessing of the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Patriarchate in Alexandria, Egypt.

  • Muslim & Coptic Christian Leaders Denounce Hate & Violence at L.A. Press Conference

    September 17, 2012
    Today, MPAC and the Los Angeles Diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Church held a press conference hosted by L.A. City Human Relations Commission on the steps of L.A. City Hall to share their condemnation of escalating violence and tensions in recent days in response to the amateur hate video, “Innocence of Muslims.”

  • Media Coverage of U.S. Embassy Protests and Attacks in the Middle East

    September 16, 2012
    Since the first protest in Cairo against the amateur hate video "Innocence of Muslims," MPAC staffers and leaders have been featured on dozens of media outlets around the world to share their perspectives on the protests, the violence, the video and much more.

  • In Memoriam of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and the Foreign Service officers

    September 14, 2012
    During our nation’s commemoration of the 11th anniversary of 9/11, our country lost four heroes, one of which was U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Stevens was a dedicated servant, who, until his final moments, served his nation with honor and dignity. Stevens’ death has saddened and shocked the nation. President Barack Obama, in a statement on Wednesday, described Stevens as a "courageous and exemplary representative of the United States.”

  • Leaders Join MPAC for Press Conference Condemning Embassy Attacks

    September 13, 2012
    Yesterday, MPAC along with Egyptian, Libyan and interfaith leaders stood together at a press conference in our L.A. office to condemn the embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya, which led to the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

  • MPAC Condemns Attacks on U.S. Embassies, Calls for Protection of All U.S. Personnel

    September 12, 2012
    MPAC today strongly condemns the attacks on the U.S. Embassies in Cairo and Benghazi, Libya, and we grieve along with the rest of our nation over the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. These attacks were not just an attack on our embassies but on our nation as a whole.

  • Tarin Discusses Role of Faith & Political Extremism in Election Season

    August 27, 2012
    On Thursday, Aug. 23, MPAC's Haris Tarin, the Director of the Washington, DC, Office, joined the New America Foundation and a panel of experts to discuss the rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric and domestic terrorism in the lead up to the 2012 national election.


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