MPAC Reiterates Call to US Government to Assess Israel’s Impact on US National Security following Israeli strike on Iran

April 19, 2024 Statements

Washington, D.C. | | April 19, 2024 — Last night, Israel’s strike on Iran further heightened tensions in the region, moving the conflict closer to a wider regional war. In the hours since the attack, the White House has remained largely silent. The Biden Administration’s attempt to distance itself from Israel’s decision to launch a counteroffensive on Iran does not absolve the US from their role in the escalation of tensions across the entire region. Biden seeks to quell growing dissent through a show of words decrying Netanyahu’s agenda, yet sends $26M in weapons to enable his genocidal intentions.

The administration is more interested in maintaining a relationship with Israel rather than hearing American pleas for peace. Poll after poll has shown American disapproval of the president’s unwavering support for the Israeli government and instead of being listened to, their voices are being systematically silenced and their dissent is being met with unprecedented retaliation.

The Biden Administration has given no indication to American citizens that our concerns are being recognized by our government. American youth are being doxxed, suspended, and expelled from their institutions and losing job offers due to their moral stand against Israel’s active genocide of the Palestinian people. Our democratic principles are being undermined as governmental power is misused to criminalize dissent and American citizens are being arrested for voicing their constitutionally protected opposition to our foreign policy decisions. 

We must not allow special interests groups who are representing foreign interests to drag us into a war Americans do not want. MPAC reiterates its call on the US government to issue a thorough reassessment of the US-Israel bilateral relationship. We must reconsider our course, questioning who truly benefits from this growing conflict and whether providing blank checks to Israel is in the best interest of peace and stability both within the Middle East and at home.

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