MPAC condemns the attack on author, Salman Rushdie

August 12, 2022 Updated September 15, 2022 Statements

MPAC condemns the attack on Salman Rushdie as freedom of speech and expression is a concept that is woven into the fabric of our faith dating back to the time of the Prophet.

Time and time again, the Prophet was the recipient of verbal abuse because of what he preached. However, he always insisted that there should not be retaliation — instead the response should be shown through moral authority and perseverance.

MPAC has been a vanguard of the right of freedom of speech, tracing our work back to 1989 when we spoke out against the fatwa issued against Mr. Rushdie. Freedom of expression is a constitutional and Islamic human right. It is utterly tragic that Mr. Rushdie was assaulted in a public space for his ideas and opinions.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council condemns any act of violence which infringes upon one’s security and wellbeing. Insulting rhetoric should not be met with violence, regardless of the circumstance. Rather, it should be countered with better ideas and alternative thought if not ignored altogether.

You can build a future free from fear and bigotry.

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