MPAC Condemns National Day of Hate, Urges Caution

February 24, 2023 Updated July 21, 2023 Statements

Washington, D.C. | | February 24, 2023 — According to a leaked NYPD internal memo, Neo-Nazi groups across the United States are planning a “National Day of Hate” tomorrow, February 25. The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) vehemently condemns this display of domestic extremism and white supremacy. We stand in solidarity with our Jewish allies and all minority groups against antisemitism, White Supremacy, and hate in all forms. 

With White Supremacist organizers encouraging people to drop banners, place stickers and flyers, or scrawl graffiti, it is essential that all minority groups that have been targeted by White Supremacists remain vigilant. We urge houses of worship, community centers, and businesses to be on high alert during this time. 

From Neo-Nazi groups helping elect the former President to the insurrection on January 6th, and now with a planned “National Day of Hate,” it has become increasingly apparent that more needs to be done domestically to address White Supremacy and other extremist ideologies. Allowing these ideologies to propagate and grow unchecked does not only affect Americans; the United States is the leading exporter of these ideologies to Europe, where right-wing groups are leveraging disinformation and conspiracy theories to build support for policies targeting minorities, refugees, and immigrants. MPAC is committed to combating White Supremacy, extremism, and hate – regardless of what form it takes or where it appears.

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