Islam: Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

The Muslim Public Affairs Council has created this series of three-minute videos with Dr. Maher Hathout, a long-time leader in the American Muslim community, answering questions about some of Islam's most controversial subjects, including women's rights, homosexuality & ideological violence. The conversations between Dr. Hathout and a diverse array of young Americans were filmed at 89.3 KPCC's Crawford Family Forum.

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Dr. Hathout is a leading spokesman for the American Muslim community and has written extensively on Islam, human rights, democracy, Middle East politics, and several books on Islam and American Muslims. He is also the host of the bi-weekly Straight Talk Podcast, honest conversations about relevant, inclusive and practical Islamic thought (available on iTunes). You can follow Dr. Maher Hathout's "Straight Talk" conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

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