A blessed Ramadan and warm wishes from the Muslim Public Affairs Council


This Ramadan, Invest in Truth.

Disinformation. Bigotry. Extremism. All three threaten the foundations of our democracy. And all three have one remedy: Truth.

Islam imparts on us the importance of truth, and it is with this core value that MPAC approaches our mission of improving perceptions and policies that impact American Muslims. This Ramadan, contribute to our Truth in Action campaign and join the thousands of supporters across the country who are championing our work to bring truth to Washington and Hollywood.

Truth in

MPAC has been a mainstay for nearly 40 years, providing American Muslim perspectives to lawmakers and advocating on behalf of our communities in the U.S. Capital. We remain committed to fighting for policies that benefit everyday Americans– and against policies that fly in the face of our values. Policies built on false assumptions and warped realities are bad for American Muslims- and all Americans. We fight to ensure truth makes its way to decision makers in Washington.

Truth in

Some of our most impactful work takes on issues of representation, both in the halls of power and on the big screen. Whether it is giving our youth the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill or pushing forward stories and storytellers from our communities, MPAC is working year-round to ensure perceptions and policies that impact American Muslims are made based on truth– not stereotypes or misinformation. That means American Muslim screenwriters leading the way in telling Muslim stories; American Muslim policy experts providing their perspective on policy issues that impact us; our communities taking the reins and leading on the issues that matter most to us. 

Truth in Action

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