Reflections from Summit Delegates

Below are a few thoughts and reflections from attendees of the National Young Muslim Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 

202-547-7701 or email


"I am a changed individual as a result of this Summit; I perceive my surroundings in a different way. I have set new goals for myself, I've created a new MPAC family, and I have hope for a better future for Muslim Americans. I remember Senator Feinstein's advise, telling me to "Speak-up, I can't hear you." This statement continues to resonate in my mind. I took her comment both literally, in that I need to expand my vocal cords, and symbolically, in that we as young Muslim Americans need to speak-up, our government can't hear us, but our government needs to listen to us."

-- Nabil Alshurafa
Camarillo, CA



"I felt that what I walked away with today is something I couldn't experience in a textbook, or classroom. Knowing that there are people of your faith who are just as concerned as you are about the state that the Muslims of America and abroad are in is an uplifting feeling, a feeling of hope. I feel that I had been given a new crash course about politics and government something C-Span couldn't even cover. Words cannot explain how I feel today."

-- Safi Bughrara
East Lansing, MI



"The Summit demonstrated that with patience and diligent work, we will be able to change the perception of Muslim Americans. The most important part of that sentence is we. One person cannot do this task. We all need to work together."

-- Shabbir Chaudhry
Jamaica Estates, NY


"The things learned, emotions felt, and journey experienced last week will not only stay with me always, but it will also force me to act. We must define ourselves through engagement and not wait to be judged by others. I feel immensely honored to have participated in such a historic program, which I hope to support in the future in any way possible. We have a place in this country, it is time that we step up and take charge of it and I hope to be part of this strong movement from America's Muslim Young Leaders."

-- Ayah Ibrahim
Centreville, VA


"When I think of simply one word that can describe how I felt about the Summit, I find, "inspiring." The Summit was perhaps the most amazing professional conference I have attended, that will certainly be influential in deciding my career path. I hope to move to DC after I graduate, a goal that I have made for myself only recently after attending the Summit. I understand now, more than ever, the need for American Muslim engagement and potential we have as leaders in this diverse nation."

-- Erum Ibrahim
Chicago, IL



For more information or questions, call 213-383-3443 or email


-- Nabil Alshurafa

Camarillo, CA

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