Media Coverage

The following are samples of media coverage on the National Young Muslim Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 
202-547-7701 or email


Young Muslims Dream of A Diverse Congress, 7/10/08
By Beth Marlowe, Medill Washington Report

Fremont Graduate Aspires to Career as Public Servant, 7/13/08
By Linh Tat, The Argus

A Networking Feast - Young Muslim-Americans Gather for Conversation, 7/14/08
By Melissa Attias, Roll Call

Young Muslims Gather in D.C. for Leadership Summit, 7/14/08
By Amanda Milkovits, Rhode Island News

Ellison to Young Muslim-Americans: Participate in Democracy, 7/23/08
By Mohamed Elshinnawi, Voice of America

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