A Hands On Experience that Changed Erickson’s Future

Delegates Reflection of the 2013 LA Civic Summit

August 22, 2013

I have never been to a summit before so I cannot compare my past experiences to MPAC's and Muslim Youth Group's (MYG) LA Civic Summit. However, I can say that in a matter of three days, I have learned more about myself than I have in an entire school year.

I have never been around a group of young Muslims that I can relate to, and this summit allowed me to have that opportunity. I have been exposed to so many different environments that allowed me to become more conscious of my interests. During the Civic Summit, I met different professionals, and I got hands-on experiences that gave me insight into what I want to do with my life.

 Everyone involved in the summit was friendly and welcoming, which allowed me to very quickly feel comfortable with my surroundings. One of the most valuable things I took away was how to keep up conversations with people. One of my most ridiculous fears is not being able to carry on an interesting conversation. I have always felt that this fear would negatively affect my future. This summit taught and reassured me that I have the skills to succeed in future events that may just require a conversation or two.

 My favorite part of the civic summit was our visit to the Los Angeles Police Department. I have always been interested in working with criminals and that trip fascinated me. I learned what schooling is required to reach that level, and I could see what my future would hold if I were to follow through in this field.

I can’t thank the people of MPAC and MYG enough for helping me discover what career I want to pursue. After participating in the summit, I realized that I am not as scared as I was before of the future and what it holds.

Sara Erickson is 15 years old and was born and raised in Danbury, CT. She is the sister of MPAC’s Community Outreach Fellow, Cherif Abou El Fadl. Erickson is a huge fan of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and absolutely loves In-N-Out, one of the major reasons why she enjoys coming to California to visit her brother. She also has a love for animals. Erickson plans to move to California and hopefully attend UCLA when she graduates from high school.

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