Meet Lily Purqurian, New Policy Intern in DC

June 12, 2014

Lily Purqurian is currently a student of Political Science and International Relations at Boston University with a double minor in French and Arabic. Originally from San Diego, CA, her passion for public service brought her to Washington, DC to serve as a Summer 2014 Government and Policy Intern.

As a first-generation Iranian-American Muslim, Purqurian actively commits to honoring the fusion of the two cultures and the doors it opens for collective growth. Whether it be through her edifying contributions as an Executive Board Member for the Kamal Cultural Foundation or her commitment to civic duty as a Generation Citizen Democracy Coach / Leader, she has made the translation of speech into action her top priority – MPAC offering one of the greatest platforms to do so.

In her work for MPAC, Purqurian hopes to advance her understanding of policymaking while also building a stronger threshold for the greater integration of the Muslim-American community. She believes that true progress is not simply when differences are merely tolerated, but embraced with open arms as the shoulders to our development.

Her writing has been featured in various publications including Laal, Kamal, and Peyk as have her volunteer efforts as a Persian language, humanities, and math/science tutor. She is also a music nerd and enjoys bringing people together through the black and white keys of her piano in her free time.

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