Lekovic Challenges Students to Step Outside Comfort Zone

May 17, 2013

Last month, Edina Lekovic, MPAC's Director of Policy and Programming, participated in a "Let’s Be Honest" forum at California State University of Northridge. The "Let’s Be Honest" forum is a platform for honest discussions on hot topics facing our community.

Before an intimate group, Lekovic led an open and honest dialogue where students asked for her insight on such issues as homosexuality, terrorism in Islam and the difficulty for Muslim youth to connect with each other outside of the mosque. Though many were intimidated and unsure, Lekovic invited those in attendance to share and talk about the issues they are uncomfortable bringing up in other environments.

Lekovic urged the attendees to challenge themselves by step beyond their comfort zones in order to break the boundaries that keep us divided. Everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect — every human being is deserving of dignity.

There is no greater service than educating those longing for education. This is why we at MPAC dedicate so much of our effort to meeting with individuals who are longing for this knowledge. The students left feeling the issues on their mind were addressed and that open dialogue can lead to better understanding of Islam and Muslims.

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