Raahima Shoaib Is MPAC's New Govt & Media Intern


A sophomore studying Middle Eastern studies and political science at Moorpark College, Raahima Shoaib is MPAC's new Government & Media Relations Intern.

With a passion for studying foreign relations in the Middle East and South Asia, Shoaib said she aspires to be involved in government work, creating and influencing public policy and legislation.

"I believes that fixing relations between the U.S. and the Middle East is the only way to change the public perception of Muslims," she said. "I have always wanted to change the world, and I believe this internship is the best way to start." 

Shoaib said she hopes that interning at MPAC will provide her with the experience and knowledge to work with elected and government officials in shaping public policy. In addition, she said she hopes this internship will provide her with the opportunity to study the intersection between the news industry and civic engagement. 

This fall, Shoaib plans to continue her Middle Eastern and South Asian studies at the University of California, Davis, with the intention of finishing her bachelor's degree from there.

Shoaib also has interned at SHINE Humanity, a nonprofit based in Irvine that provides humanitarian, medical and disaster relief assistance to global communities in need. Since April 2009, it has delivered care to more than 150,000 needy patients across the world. Shoaib also sits on the board of the Pakistani Arts Council.

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