Meet L.A. Intern Marwan Osman

August 7, 2014

Rising college freshman Marwan Osman’s strong interest in creating a voice for American Muslims brought him to MPAC this summer as an intern. He believes in the importance of working to reduce Islamophobia and stereotypes against Islam and Muslims by displaying Islam's peaceful ways.

Initially, he attended the Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiative (IYLI) at the University of Southern California (USC) for two years, where he learned about countless unique cultures and faiths. IYLI inspired him to co-found his high school’s Interfaith Club, in which he also served as president. Additionally, he joined Muslims and Jews Inspiring Change (MAJIC), a program where Muslim and Jewish youth come together to learn about one another and discuss societal issues through the formation of a common ground.

Additionally, throughout his junior and senior years of high school, he was an active member of the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission Youth Ambassador Program, where a group of 21 students from various backgrounds and diverse cultures traveled to various city landmarks and learned how to engage the local government through public policy workshops and events. Through the program, he also had the opportunity to travel to Google’s Los Angeles office and to Washington, DC, where he visited the White House, Department of Justice, Supreme Court, Congress, and Capitol Hill.

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