Meet LA Communications Intern Teeba Fatima

October 17, 2014

Teeba Fatima, a current senior at La Sierra, joined MPAC this fall as a communication and Hollywood Bureau intern in the Los Angeles office. With a major in Global Studies, Teeba credits her interest in film and media for prompting her to intern with MPAC and experience the inner workings of organizations and how they change the perception of Muslims through the media.

With interests in global issues and media, Teeba is acquainted with the perception of Muslims and the Middle East in the news and entertainment industry. Observing how the portrayal of Muslims in the media affects the perception of Muslim citizens living across the world, Teeba is passionately committed in engaging in work aimed toward challenging media and local perspective of Muslims.

Teeba hopes to leave the MPAC internship with an understanding of how organizations counter the Islamophobic perception of Muslims through the media.

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