Meet Government & Policy Intern Razan Azzarkani

October 31, 2014

A junior at George Mason University, Razan Azzarkani’s interest in providing an empowering voice for the American Muslim community drove her to MPAC’s D.C. office as a Government and Policy Intern. As a Global Affairs major with a double concentration in Global Inequalities & Responses and Global Governance, as well as a minor in Middle East studies, Razan hopes to be able to expand on her understanding of both global and domestic issues that pertain to the Muslim community at large.

Growing up as an Arab-American Muslim, Razan was always fascinated by the global issues, conflicts and events that impacted the global Muslim community. She joined the MPAC team to gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of how organizations operate within the fast-paced world of D.C. as well as learn how to convey the Muslim voice to the world and how to better integrate Muslims into the wider American society. As a Muslim American living in the D.C. area, Razan is particularly interested in the domestic and foreign policies that shape the worldwide perception of Muslims and Islam.

With a desire to make a sincere and long lasting change in the state of the world, Razan hopes to leave MPAC with an understanding of how she, as an Arab-American female Muslim, fits into the fabric of the society, of the government and the community. In addition to a holistic comprehension of the policies and politics that impact American Muslims, Razan hopes to gain experiences that can help her bring her passions of human rights come to fruition in the shape of a career devoted to protecting and advocating for human rights and bringing to light crimes against humanity on a global scale.

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