MPAC DC Interns: Where are They Now?

August 15, 2014

Do you ever wonder how MPAC's internship program has impacted past interns? With the fall 2014 application deadline just one week away, we decided to ask our summer 2013 cohort of interns from our Washington, DC office about their current professional successes and how their internship at MPAC impacted where they are now.

Over the years, MPAC’s internship program has welcomed a steady stream of passionate students from all corners of the country to hone their skills in policy, media and Hollywood in our D.C. and L.A. offices.

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Read below how some of their experiences at MPAC have influenced their work and current internships and career paths:

"I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in politics, and MPAC gave me the opportunity to work in our nation's capitol, choose my own interests, and tailor my internship to those interests. At the end of the internship, I came out knowing I care immensely for international politics and immigration reform and homeland security. The greatest skill MPAC has helped me develop is the ability to speak up, but also the ability to listen and take a back seat when necessary -- essentially choosing when to fight the right battles. This summer, I was honored to intern at the White House in the Office of the Vice President with Dr. Jill Biden's team.”

"Thank God, after my internship with MPAC so many doors opened up for me, including the Department of State, NASA, USAID, USDA and a few others as well. These internships taught me a lot and I was able focus on many interesting topics of research, such as Mangrove Extant in Myanmar, the malaria outbreak in Ethiopia, cover crops in the Upper Chester River Watershed and even energy. The greatest thing I gained from MPAC is the newfound urge to put myself out there in order to gain more knowledge and seek opportunities."

LENA NOUR - Virginia:
"Since my internship at MPAC ended last summer, I joined George Mason University's Student Government and serve on the Diversity and Governance Committee. MPAC really shaped my passion for civic engagement and public service and I'm happy I have the opportunity to give back to my local community. This summer, I work as an Education and Outreach fellow at the Partnership for Public Service working with federal agencies, colleges and universities across the nation to promote federal service. This fall, I will be spending my semester as a Global Politics Fellow at George Mason University-Arlington enhancing my studies on human rights, international law, and global organizations. MPAC taught me how to be proactive and constantly look for ways to grow and develop as a leader."

RAMIS WADOOD - Michigan:
"I'm still in college studying Political Science and Anthropology at Columbia University and I'll be entering my third year in the fall. This summer, I interned for the State Department in the Office of International Religious Freedom, where I worked on the 2013 and 2014 editions of the International Religious Freedom Report. The skills I learned and the people I met at MPAC have greatly shaped my professional and academic experiences. During my internship, I gained research, writing, and networking skills that I still use extensively today. Furthermore, the people I met and the DC connections I made have helped me reach my professional goals and refine my academic interests."

AMIRA SALEH - Wisconsin:
"Since my internship at MPAC, I completely changed my major. I am now majoring in Political Science, with a double minor in Middle Eastern Affairs and Fundamentals of Leadership. I am currently an intern for the Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, and State Senator Chris Larson for Wisconsin. Thank God. I am so happy that I interned at MPAC and met amazing people like Haris Tarin. Without him, I would not have developed the passion to speak out and make changes for our ummah (community). It sounds cliché, but I believe that we as Muslims need more representatives in governmental affairs. Being a young Palestinian-American, I want to be remembered for making a difference in someone's life by becoming Secretary of State one day. I couldn't have done any of this if I hadn't interned for MPAC."

JEN WELCH - Kansas:
"Since my internship with MPAC, I have graduated with my Master's degree in Religious Studies from the University of Kansas. In April 2014, I was awarded the Lewis Ethics Essay Award from my department for an original research paper titled 'Muslim Public Affairs Council: An Active Nonviolent Approach to Counter Terrorism.' As a graduate student, I wrote and delivered a lecture titled "Introduction to Islam for Understanding Eurasia." I was also asked to guest lecture for a Russian and East European Studies Department course with the goal of introducing their students to the basics of Islam and its role in the region. Currently, I am seeking post-graduate employment."

MPAC is accepting applications for its fall internship program in Los Angeles and Washington, DC through Aug. 22, 2014. If you want to one day be where our former interns are now, apply today!

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