Passion for Art, Helping Community Brought Ahyaudin to MPAC

March 19, 2014

A self confessed dreamer, Afiq Ahyaudin has worked with MPAC for about a year, from volunteering to attending the 2013 Young Leaders Civic Summit.

This spring, Ahyaudin rejoins the MPAC team as a Spring Graphics and Communications Intern. He said he hopes that interning at MPAC, under the tutelage of MPAC Creative Director Hasnain Syed, will develop his skills, especially in media design, to help the American Muslim community.

Ahyaudin came to the U.S. from Malaysia, with the intention of studying, absorbing new information and gaining a greater understanding of the world. Enthusiastic about the arts, theater performance and social justice, Ahyaudin is a sophomore studying visual communications at L.A. Trade Technical College.

As a person who thrives on versatility, Ahyaudin volunteered with many organizations in Malaysia. He volunteered at the Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Museum and Gallery Tuanku Fauziah, which influenced his dormant interest for the arts. In addition, he was involved with programs such as introducing high school students to science, history and the arts.

On a personal note, Ahyaudin also played in a band that attempted to reintroduce traditional Malaysian contemporary music with the use of traditional instruments. The band had many songs and one music video titled “Zikir Masa," which roughly translates to “The Dzikr of Time," can be seen on YouTube. 

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