Fine-Tuning Her Activism Skills Is Din's Internship Priority

August 14, 2013

Henna Din is a sophomore at Moorpark College studying public health with the hopes of improving health systems in federal and/or foreign agencies and to help shape public health policy throughout the world. Din has always been heavily involved within her community and is always seeking way to take her volunteerism and activism to the next level.

"When I was elected president of my youth group at my local mosque, I then began to develop a strong interest of helping strengthen the American Muslim identity," she said. "I knew that it was my duty not only as a Muslim but also as an American, to stand by my values to provide justice for all Americans regardless of religion. I want to break the stereotypes of Islamophobia and establish a more peaceful relationship between American Muslims and Americans."

By being involved in several interfaith activities as well as trying to be a positive role model for young Muslims, Din said she knew she had to focus her interests of being positive and pushing the next generation to another level. This is what led her to apply for MPAC’s internship program.

"I loved MPAC's vision and message, and I knew I wanted to be a part of the change that MPAC was making," Din said. "I wanted to take my passion and skills to the next level. It is such an uplifting feeling to help advance social justice and to be a part of change."

This year, Din will be president of MSA at Moorpark College, and she is looking forward to incorporating and implementing the skills she has learned during MPAC’s internship program.

"MPAC has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and into an environment that is so much bigger and better than what I was used to. Through MPAC, I was able to develop strong leadership skills, communication skills, and was able to boost my interest in activism and making a change in our Muslim communities," she said.  

Din is a Development Intern and has successfully helped MPAC establish fundraising campaigns for Ramadan and our 25th Anniversary.  

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