Workshops & Training

Education and Hands-on Empowerment

The Truth over Fear workshops and training sessions have been developed to empower local communities with the tools to counter Islamophobia, in the most proactive and constructive manner. These hands on training sessions are composed of two primary components, Education and Hands-on Empowerment.

Quranic Mandate: "Good and evil will never be equal, so repel what is Evil by what is Good until your adversary turns around to be your closest friend." (41:34)

I. Education

Community members are informed through a comprehensive program which looks at the following areas of Islamophobia:

  • Manifestations of Islamophobia

  • Effects of Islamophobia on the different sectors of the Muslim community (children, youth, congregations, etc.)

  • Effects of Islamophobia on the American society at large (religious communities, university campuses, government, average citizen, etc.)

  • Use of media propaganda in the advancement of Islamophobia (Hollywood, mainstream news media, internet, etc.)

  • Cottage industry of so called terrorism experts

II. Hands-on Empowerment

Community members are given practical training to develop skill by which they can engage all sectors of civil society in countering Islamophobia:

  • Attendees to the workshops are taught how to effectively engage their elected officials and government representatives on the issue countering Islamophobia

  • Attendees are also given the tools to constructively interact with local and national media outlets on the negative effects of continued Islamophobic rhetoric and images on television, radio and print media
  • The seminars are concluded with a session on the importance of fostering close partnerships with members of interfaith and civic communities to counter this dangerous phenomenon

Through this national campaign, MPAC seeks to inform our country on the dangers that Islamophobia presents to all Americans. The training sessions are meant to raise a proactive voice to counter hate and bigotry, which if left unchecked, can erode the very foundations of our democratic institutions.

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