Interfaith Relations


Interfaith work goes to the core of our mission. One of our core teachings as Muslims is that God created us in "nations and tribes so that [we] might know one another" (49:13) and so that we might "vie in doing good deeds." We are committed to working with people of all faith backgrounds to promote our shared values of mercy, justice, mutual understanding, and helping the most vulnerable among us.

We have built a vast network of interfaith leaders from a broad range of faith traditions around the country. We frequently stand together to promote and uphold core American and core Abrahamic values as they relate to our communities' relations with one another.

On the national level, we have worked with various partner organizations. Our partners are from:

  1. Interfaith Alliance;
  2. National Association of Evangelicals;
  3. Religious Action Center;
  4. Archdiocese of Los Angeles;
  5. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints;
  6. Episcopal Church;
  7. African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church;
  8. Union of Reform Judaism;
  9. Foundation for Ethnic Understandingand many more. 

We are also proud members of a number of interfaith coalitions, including:

  1. Christian-Muslim Consultative Group;
  2. Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative;
  3. National Religious Campaign to End Torture;
  4. Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace; and
  5. NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change.


Marium F. Mohiuddin - Communications Coordinator & Interfaith Liaison


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