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September 29, 2011

Last week was tumultuous for the Muslim American community, especially the “Irvine 11,” as an Orange County Superior Court jury convicted 10 of the 11 students on misdemeanor counts of disturbing a meeting and conspiring to disturb a meeting. 

MPAC continues to support the "Irvine 11" students as they pursue an appeal following the selective and heavy-handed prosecution by the OC District Attorney’s office after nonviolently interrupting  Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren's speech at University of California, Irvine, in February 2010. Each student has been sentenced to three years of informal probation, fined about $200, and has to do 56 hours of community service.

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Learn from what happened with the "Irvine 11," and learn how to effectively talk to public officials, media and your community leaders.  

MPAC's “I Am Change” Civic Leadership Program can help empower your community to stand up and advocate for the issues we all care about, and strengthen your ability to do it effectively.

SEE: “I Am Change” Introduction Video

"I Am Change" is about active citizenship. It's about each of us embracing our rights as Muslim Americans to work with decision makers in our local communities, in our state legislatures and in Congress to shape better policies.

Give us three hours and we'll give you:

  • Knowledge on how to promote civic engagement from an Islamic perspective
  • A deeper understanding of how local, state and federal government works and your role in advocating at each level
  • Practical skills in how to talk about the issues you care about with public officials and the media
  • Energizing examples of Muslim Americans who are successfully working for change every single day, and making a difference

“I Am Change” lets MPAC staff work with you and your community to enhance our collective civic and political participation as a Muslim American community.

 Call 323-258-MPAC (6722) or email to schedule a high energy, engaging and interactive workshop in your community.

-- Marium F. Mohiuddin
Communications Coordinator 



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