Hollywood Bureau to Host Talk Back After Critically Acclaimed ‘Pray to Ball’

May 8, 2014

MPAC will be hosting this week’s “Beyond Conversation” on Saturday, May 10 at 8 p.m. in Los Angeles, after a showing of the new critically acclaimed play “Pray to Ball.” The talkback will explore one of the central themes of the film, namely how Muslims can come together in in faith when they come from different cultural identities.

Written by Amir Abdullah, “Pray to Ball” is a play about childhood friends and basketball superstars Hakeem and Louis, who came to Miami Florida University with three things in mind: winning, wilding out, and going pro. When tragedy strikes Hakeem, his goals shift, and he is drawn to the mysterious world of Islam in search for deeper meaning, affecting him dramatically on and off the court until he is faced with the ultimate choice.

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Check out the reviews of Pray to Ball:

“Genuinely original… heartfelt and thought-provoking. Inventive take on a little-explored topic… tersely entertaining.” – Los Angeles Times

“GO! Pray to Ball wins the award for best timing of the season. Abdullah has written a lean, mean drama. He handles massive, big-ticket issues like religion, politics, love, racism and acceptance with aplomb and humor. Appeals to a younger audience…a breath of fresh air. Deals intelligently with universal themes” – L.A. Weekly - GO!

“Skylight Theatre Company’s ‘Pray to Ball’ Saga Scores Big. A rare, slick visual feast… brave performances and honest portrayals.” – LifeInLA



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