MPAC Encourages Screenings of the Documentary 'Waking in Oak Creek'

August 22, 2014

The MPAC's Hollywood Bureau in partnership with Not in Our Town, a movement to "stop hate, address bullying, and build safe, inclusive communities for all" encourages you to screen Not in Our Town's new documentary, "Waking in Oak Creek," in your community.

"Waking In Oak Creek" profiles a suburban town rocked by hate after six worshippers at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin are killed by a white supremacist. In the year following the attack, the mayor and police chief lead the community as they forge new bonds with their Sikh neighbors. Young temple members and a police lieutenant, shot 15 times in the attack, inspire thousands to gather for events and honor the victims. After one of the deadliest hate crime attacks in recent U.S. history, the film highlights a community and law enforcement working together to overcome tragedy, stand up to hate, and create a safe town for all.

Free DVDs of "Waking in Oak Creek" are available to community groups, national organizations, schools, law enforcement agencies, and others for public screenings and discussions, town hall meetings, internal trainings, and other activities.

Watch the trailer of "Waking in Oak Creek."

Request a Screening Kit and free DVD of "Waking in Oak Creek."

Plan a screening of the film for your community or organization.

Emphasize the need to prevent, accurately report, and respond to all hate crimes.

Initiate conversations to address intolerance and hate.

Build bridges between different groups.

Develop and/or enhance community partnerships with local law enforcement agencies.

Promote safe and inclusive communities where everyone is respected.



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