The MPAC Hate Crimes Prevention Department has three main focuses:

  • Victim Assistance: By fielding calls through our 24-hour toll-free hotline (800-898-3558) and our direct line, MPAC guides victims of hate acts and discrimination to the appropriate resource (i.e., Medical Care, Legal Consultation, Counseling, etc).
  • Advocacy: An extension of victim assistance is advocacy, such as contacting law enforcement to advocate that applicable cases be pursued as hate-motivated crimes and supporting bills that benefit victims.
  • Hate Prevention: As a tool of prevention, MPAC strives to educate the community about hate acts and the issues surrounding hate and racism.

Outreach and Educational efforts include:

  • Holding educational forums and workshops
  • Encouraging hate crime/incident reporting
  • Training law enforcement
  • Fostering community-police partnership
  • Delivering Muslim cultural sensitivity trainings
  • Educating the media
  • Developing & distributing educational tools

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