Vote in California's June 5 Primary

MPAC Presents Analysis of 2 Props & 2 Measures

June 4, 2012

The Muslim Public Affairs Council is pleased to present its 2012 California Propositions for the June 5 Primary Election, an analysis of the two propositions and two county measures appearing on the ballot.

SEE: 2012 California Propositions for the June 5 Primary Election

We have conducted our research by reviewing voting material produced by the state, analyzing the arguments of the proponents and opponents of each proposition and viewing propositions from a holistic American Muslim perspective. As always, we urge all voters to familiarize themselves with the propositions and vote their conscience. We hope this will serve as a useful tool as you decide how to vote. All summaries of propositions and measures below are taken from the California Voter Guide. For more information, visit

Prop. 28: Vote YesLimits on legislator’s terms in office

Prop. 29: Vote Yes. Imposes additional tax on cigarettes for cancer research

Measure H: Vote Yes. Maintains current tax rate for staying at a hotel within the county

Measure L: Vote Yes. Maintains tax rate on landfill usage

2012 Download the California Propositions guide today.-



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