MPAC Meets with Sec. John Kerry & Amb. Susan Rice on Mid-East Peace Process

August 12, 2013

On Friday, Aug. 9, MPAC's Washington, DC Director Haris Tarin joined American Muslim and Arab American leaders for a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Special Envoy for Mid-East Peace Martin Indyk to discuss recent attempts by the U.S. to revive the stalled peace talks.

Kerry briefed the group on the diplomatic, political and economic tracks currently being pursued to build confidence so that leaders from both sides can sit down to work out a host of difficult issues, including final status negotiations.

The plight of the Palestinian people is one of the most enduring human rights struggles in modern times. For more than seven decades, Palestinians have endured continuous suffering and deserve an independent state that gives them the dignity and freedom that all people and all nations deserve.

“Ultimately, the Palestinian people will determine their state and future,” said Salam Al-Marayati, MPAC’s President. “Just as Palestinians and Israelis will have to build a constituency for peace to minimize obstructionist voices, we too as Americans must build a constituency of peace to push back against those extreme voices pushing hatred and conflict.”

For too long, the Middle East peace process has served as a political football for U.S. domestic politics, and it is time the people of the region are given a chance to determine their own destiny. Furthermore, U.S. tax payers have financed the military occupation of Palestinian territories and the blockade of Gaza. It is a moral obligation to end the Palestinians’ suffering with financial support from Washington.

MPAC has produced multiple publications on this issue, including “Welcome, Palestine?” which analyzes the Palestinian bid to the United Nations for statehood, and “Envisioning Peace, An American Muslim Perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” which provides a historical overview of the conflict and lays out MPAC’s policy recommendations on the final status issues.



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