Congress is in Recess! Schedule a Meeting with Your Representative

March 20, 2014

This week, while your members of Congress are at home working in their district offices, take advantage of the recess by contacting your elected official to discuss issues that are important to you!

Don’t know how to schedule a meeting? Here are some easy and effective methods: 

Call their offices.

The first step is to locate your local representative here and your senator here. Contact their offices and ask to schedule a meeting to discuss issues important to you.  When contacting your members’ offices, remember to include your first and last name, how many people will be attending the meeting with you and what issues you will be discussing.  

Don't Know What to Discuss?

MPAC is currently working on the following issues, which we recommend you discuss with your elected official(s): 

MPAC is committed to working on these issues and continues to engage members of Congress and federal agencies. This month, MPAC met with officials regarding NYPD surveillance of American Muslims, amending the 2003 Department of Justice Racial Profiling Guidelines and reform of our immigration system. Please advocate

Do your homework!

Before the meeting, prepare and research the topics you are going to discuss. Research your representatives’ stand on the issue and make sure to be polite and positive in order to ensure an effective and constructive meeting. You'll have to keep it brief - your meeting is likely to be 20 minutes more or less.

Have an ‘ask.’

After introducing the issue and sharing your perspective, make sure to have an “ask” of your elected official. It can be as specific as asking your member of Congress to vote a certain way or as general as a get-to-know-you meeting. Also, find out whether your elected official sits on a committee related to the issue you are advocating for so you can tailor your "ask" to their capability. If he/she is a member of the relevant committee, ask him/her to author legislation on the issue or hold a hearing to discuss the issue further. If he/she is not a member of the committee, ask him/her to vote for/against legislation related to your issue. Don’t be timid; these officials were elected to represent you!

Follow up!

After your meeting, follow up with the office with a thank you email or note and request to schedule a future meeting. Show your elected officials that you are engaged in the political process and that issues on Capitol Hill affect you directly.

These small steps are crucial to successfully advocating for the legislative issues that are important to our community and making a difference with your voice as an American Muslim. 

Let us know if you would like support as your prepare for a meeting and/or want to learn more about our priority issues. 

For 25 years, MPAC has worked to enhance the political and civic engagement. In the coming weeks, you have a critical opportunity to be an active and engaged citizen and have your voice heard directly by your elected officials.  



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