CNN Belief Blog Publishes MPAC Op-ed Critiquing Obama

July 29, 2014

Yesterday, CNN’s Belief Blog published an op-ed called “President Obama's Ramadan Slap at Muslims” by Salam Al-Marayati, President of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. The op-ed describes how the President’s pro-Israel remarks at the annual White House Iftar left guests and many American Muslims feeling “shocked and dismayed” and called it a talking point that “is code for whitewashing decades of atrocities committed against the people of Gaza.”

SEE: “President Obama's Ramadan Slap at Muslims” (CNN Belief Blog)

Al-Marayati argues that Washington has a toxic culture of excluding anyone who supports Palestine from high-level policymaking.

The op-ed reads in part:

"Palestine is a dirty word in Washington and criticizing Israel’s policies toward Palestinians is a political taboo...America is our home, and Barack Obama is our president. It is our duty to express our disenchantment and to demand change when the leader of our country is wrong. The President must acknowledge that we, the American people, are funding the siege of Gaza. The whole world knows that America is giving political cover for the military occupation of Palestinians. It is time to tell America the truth of our complicity in robbing Palestinians of their human dignity. Terrorism is evil, and we will continue to partner with the President in countering the rhetoric of ideological religious extremism and to end the scourge of terrorism, not for political gain but out of our sacred duty."

Furthermore, Al-Marayati points out that no Muslim serves as a senior policy advisor in the White House or as an undersecretary in the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, State or Defense.

“President Obama has gone so far in proving he’s not Muslim that he has excluded Muslims from vital national conversations,” Al-Marayati writes. “We’ll continue to engage his administration to correct this egregious breach of public trust.”

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