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Our Approach to Government Engagement

We are a policy advocacy organization which seeks to inform and shape public opinion and policy by serving as a trusted resource to decision makers in government and policy institutions.

It is our belief that our community needs proactive voices and institutions which seek to inform policies before they are formed. Engaging in the policy debates before they are formed, whether they take place in the halls of Congress on Capitol Hill or within various departments within the administration, requires a sustained effort of engagement that seeks long-term changes that reflect the true positions and aspiration of our community.

Many policies formed at the national level which directly affect the American Muslim community are done without a requisite understanding of the many nuanced issues facing our community. Issues such as counter-terrorism, radicalization, civil liberties and privacy, foreign policy, immigration, health-care and the economy are written about, debated and decided without direct American Muslim voices sitting at the table. We seek to bring a mainstream voice to many of these discussions.

We regularly write policy papers on domestic and foreign policy issues and presents these perspectives to members of the Administration, staffers on Capitol Hill and experts in the field who advice policy makers. We also hold regular briefings and policy forums on Capitol Hill, think tanks, and departments within the administration and media centers such as the National Press Club to amplify the American Muslim voice at all levels.

While we work to inform policy shapers and decision makers, we also seek to connect our community to those who shape policy. The idea of empowering citizens to engage directly in the civic process is a fundamental idea that is enshrined in the constitution. To engage American Muslims in the civic process, we sponsor regular campaigns such as the "I Am Change Civic Leadership Program," "Truth over Fear: Countering Islamophobia," "NewGround: A Muslim Jewish Partnership for Change" and our Young Leaders Summits. These campaigns empower community members by providing them the necessary tools to establish relationships with their elected officials at a local, state and federal level. They also provide community members the tools to enhance their message and become effective leaders, spokespersons and representatives of their community.


Hoda Hawa - Director of Policy & Advocacy


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