Safe Spaces Endorsed by Against Violent Extremism Network

May 15, 2014

The Against Violent Extremism (AVE) Network, a global network tackling violent extremism, featured MPAC’s Safe Spaces Initiative in their April newsletter as a “Project Spotlight.” The AVE Network is made up of former extremists and survivors of extremism working together to prevent violent extremism. They are unique in their use of technology to “connect, exchange, disseminate and influence all forms of violent extremism.”

The newsletter reads:

AVE welcomes the Safe Spaces Initiative to the Network. The Initiative, established by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), was created following the Boston Marathon Bombings. The Initiative was partly in response to the gaps still existing in law enforcement in preventing these attacks.

Safe Spaces have identified the need for the American Muslim community to take a proactive approach in identifying people susceptible to engaging in violent extremism and have created a toolkit to tackle these issues.

MPAC’s Safe Spaces Initiative is the first major national grassroots effort to equip American Muslim community and campus leaders with practical tools for developing healthy communities as well as intervention strategies for troubled individuals. The initiative seeks to help communities create spiritual safe spaces for open dialogue and debate while also providing physical safe spaces by helping mosque and community leaders deal with any misguided individuals.

Last month, MPAC held a press conference alongside notable Muslim community leaders at the National Press Club to announce the Safe Spaces Initiative campaign. The press conference was covered by Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, NPR, and others. Watch the full video.

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