Watch MPAC’s Lekovic on ‘Dr. Phil’ Explaining Islamic Teachings

March 4, 2014

On Monday, March 3, the “Dr. Phil Show” aired an episode called “I’m Worried My Daughter May Turn into a Terrorist” which featured Edina Lekovic, MPAC's Director of Policy and Programming. The segment focuses on a mother and daughter, Darlene and Abby, who became estranged after the daughter converted to Islam two years ago. Lekovic sheds light on the teachings of Islam and dispels misconceptions about Muslims.

SEE: Full Episode of “I’m Worried My Daughter May Turn into a Terrorist” (YouTube)

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“Sometimes, politics and culture and religion get swirled together and things can become misunderstood,” Lekovic said on the show. “I am a mother, and I can understand where Darlene is coming from in wanting to protect her child. However, when we learn about faith and other cultures primarily through TV screens or movie screens, we will get a distorted picture of the truth.”

Lekovic went on to explain that Islam is an Abrahamic faith and that Muslims believe in God, in addition to heaven and all of the same prophets. Lekovic emphasized that the ultimate message of Islam is believing in God and doing good toward others. In addition to basic tenets, she also touched upon why some women wear hijab and debunked the false idea of Muslims supporting violent extremism.

The segment concluded with Dr. Phil encouraging the mother to have an open dialogue with her daughter to fix the relationship.

This is the not the first time Lekovic has appeared on network television to educate audiences and viewers. In 2009, Lekovic spoke about Islam on CBS’ “Big Brother,” when it was revealed that one of the contestants was Muslim.

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